EU migration to UK falls to lowest point since 2012 after Brexit vote

Bright Blue Director, Ryan Shorthouse, said: "The Government is missing the opportunity provided by Brexit to undertake substantial surgery of the UK’s unpopular immigration system.

"After all, notwithstanding the difficulties that Brexit presents Britain, it does offer an opportunity to implement wide-ranging reforms to our immigration system, once freedom of movement has ended."

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BBC Radio 4, 'Woman's Hour'

“Penny Mordaunt MP, the Women and Equalities Minister, has recently announced a new initiative to help low-paid and unskilled women workers. This marks a shift from focusing on women in the boardroom to those that she calls ‘invisible women’.”

Bright Blue Senior Researcher, Jessica Prestidge, speaks to Jenni Murray about what more needs to be done.

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Penny Mordaunt’s new mission for Government Equalities Office

“In a speech today at Bright Blue’s Women in Work conference Ms Mordaunt will set out that the GEO has made significant progress in working towards closing the gender pay gap, getting women into work and being a driving force behind getting more women on boards in top companies, but that often low-paid, low-skilled women were left out of the conversation.”

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The Church and politics. Religion should inspire us but it’s no substitute for government.

Faith has played and does play, generally, a positive role in society, the motivation for good words and works by many. But, as history warns, it can also be deeply destructive, particularly if people use it as an ideology to impose their will or worse on others. Religion can and should inspire, both in public and in private, but it must not govern. The Church of England should therefore continue to campaign for the ‘common good’ in this country, but carefully.

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The only way to end the class divide: the case for abolishing private schools

Lobby groups as politically diverse as Comprehensive Future, a cross-party campaign group committed to phasing out selection and supporting fair admissions policies, and Bright Blue, a conservative thinktank, agree with [the] conclusion. “There is no evidence base for a policy of increasing selection … The UK government should consider phasing the existing selective schools out.”

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