Leaving the EU – but not Europe – must include remaining a proud signatory of the ECHR

Bright Blue Researcher James Dobson blogs for Conservative Home to coincide with the launch of Bright Blue's campaign on the European Convention on Human Rights. 

Here is an excerpt:

"The ECHR has coincided with a period of unprecedented peace across Europe. It’s value in both the UK and abroad should not be underestimated. The ECHR is also crucial to the survival of the union. To attempt to renegotiate the Good Friday Agreement now would be simply reckless. Providing nationalists with further grievances to cite in Scotland would also be careless. The UK has been central to the success of the ECHR: the Prime Minister should show that the UK is leaving the EU and not Europe, and commit a future Conservative Government after Brexit to remaining a proud signatory of the ECHR."

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