Distant neighbours?

July 2019

Political concern about a lack of social integration has been high for some time. But what is social integration, and why it it so important?

This report argues that neighbourhood trust should be at the heart of our understanding and measurement of social integration, since it is indicative of positive, meaningful and sustained interactions with people in a neighbourhood. However, the best measure of social integration is only when neighbourhood trust is between ethnically and religiously diverse communities.

This report primarily seeks to understand the trends and drivers of neighbourhood trust, including how neighbourhood trust and ultimately social integration varies across England. Original policies are proposed to boost social integration. These are focused on giving individuals the tools to maximise their ability to socially integrate, and on reforming institutions so the opportunities for those from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to integrate are increased.


Identity crisis?

July 2019

In this edition of Centre Write, we explore the role and consequences of identity in our politics and culture. Contributors include the Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Professor John Curtice, Lord Holmes, Rachel Maclean MP, Lord Howell, John Lamont MP, and Helen Pluckrose.

Staying Faithful?

October 2018

In this edition of Centre Write, we explore the role of religion and faith in modern society. This edition’s interview is with the philosopher, Sir Roger Scruton, who discusses the history and future of the Church of England. The PM’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Lord Ahmad, outlines how the UK is seeking to support different religious groups, at home and abroad. The former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron MP, identifies the relationship between Christianity and liberalism. Other contributors include Paul Goodman, Nicky Morgan MP and Stephen Pollard.

Matters of the mind

7th August 2018

In this edition of the Bright Blue magazine, Centre Write, we explore the ubiquity of mental health problems in the UK and propose solutions for tackling them. Contributors include Tracey Crouch MP, Nimco Ali, Antoinette Sandbach MP and Tim Loughton MP. Our Centre Write interview is with the Minister for Universities and Science, Sam Gyimah MP.


Burning Britain?

Tackling 'burning injustices' that blight britain

8th May 2018

The Prime Minister has, from the outset of her premiership, proclaimed her desire to tackle Britain’s ‘burning injustices’. Whilst there has been some early progress, negotiating Brexit has inevitably limited the radicalism of her domestic reform agenda.

The outcome of the 2017 General Election, in which the Conservative Party lost its ruling majority, means that backbench parliamentarians are in a uniquely powerful position to influence the current Government. This collection of essays, authored by prominent backbenchers from all the UK’s main national political parties, seeks to highlight some of Britain’s ‘burning injustices’, and provide solutions to help address them.

Burning injustices cover.jpg

Global giant?

Britain's Place in the World after Brexit

10th April 2018

In this edition of Centre Write, we take a deeper look at the opportunities and challenges facing a freshly divorced Britain. Contributors include Tom Tugendhat MP, Baroness Helic, Lord Heseltine, Shanker Singham, Sir Lockwood Smith and Damian Collins MP.

Global Giant cover full.jpg

Individual identity

Understanding how conservatives think about human rights and discrimination

12th December 2017

Discrimination and the abuse of human rights are immoral, unjust and illegal barriers to individual freedom and flourishing. Tackling them should be at the heart of conservative thinking and policymaking. However, conservatives are often considered to be sceptical of measures to strengthen human rights and tackle discrimination.

This polling report unearths in detail what Conservatives - including those from different social groups - really think about the existence of, importance of, and measures on human rights and discrimination.


Fighting for freedom?:

the historic and future relationship between conservatism and human rights

22nd August 2017


Conservative writers and politicians have been influential in the development of human rights in the UK for centuries. Sir Winston Churchill made the enthronement of human rights a war aim, which was achieved by the founding of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). It was a Conservative MP in 1968 who was the first to campaign for incorporating the ECHR into UK statute law, which would eventually be realised with the introduction of the Human Rights Act (HRA) 1998.

However, Conservatives today are sceptical of the HRA. The current Government has promised to review the UK’s future human rights legal framework after Brexit. This report, written by Sir Michael Tugendhat, outlines and assesses different options for reform, concluding that Conservatives should be supporters of the HRA and ECHR.


Britain breaking barriers:

Strengthening human rights and tackling discrimination

17th July 2017

Britain is the home of human rights and a global force for good. After Brexit, Britain should not just be a global leader in free trade, but in human rights too. In this country, as a result of discrimination, too many people are still held back — especially in education and employment — because of who they are rather than what they do.

After a year-long inquiry led by a commission of high-profile decision makers and opinion formers, this report provides a comprehensive and compelling set of policies which can be used by the current Government for its social reform agenda to strengthen human rights and tackle all forms of discrimination.


A sense of belonging

16th December 2016

With the launch of the Casey Review this month sparking fresh debate about the state of integration in the UK, this new report brings together leading decision makers and opinion formers from different political and professional backgrounds to argue that integration should be a top priority that unites both Left and Right.

Contributors include: 

Dame Louise Casey (Director-general, The Casey Review team, Department for Communities and Local Government)

Professor Ted Cantle (Author, The Cantle report on community cohesion)

Lord O’Shaughnessy (Former director of policy and research, David Cameron) 

Chuka Umunna MP (Chair, All-party parliamentary group on social integration) 

Suella Fernandes MP (Conservative MP, Fareham and Member, All-party parliamentary group on social integration)


Conservatism and human rights:
essay collection

22nd March 2016

The collection, published by Bright Blue, brings together leading thinkers, decision makers and public figures to discuss three key themes in the debate around human rights: tackling discrimination; the role of human rights in British foreign policy; and ensuring the new British Bill of Rights strengthens human rights. 

Contributors include: 

The Rt Hon Damian Green MP (Former Minister for Immigration) on what should be in the British Bill of Rights

The Rt Hon Maria Miller MP (Chair, Women and Equalities Select Committee) on tackling gender discrimination

The Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC (Former Foreign Secretary) on the balance between individual freedom and state security

Crispin Blunt MP (Chair, Foreign Affairs Select Committee) on human rights with global players

Trevor Phillips OBE (Former Chair, Equality and Human Rights Commission) on tackling racial discrimination

Professor Sir Paul Collier (Director, International Growth Centre) on ending extreme poverty